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What is Nvidia Control Panel?

nvidia drivers optimization guide
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What is NVIDIA Control Panel?

NVIDIA Control Panel comes bundled with your graphics card drivers and provides configuration options for various scenarios.
As usual with these applications, they are meant to be compatible with a wide range of use cases.
Hence optimizations are necessary for competitive gaming.

How to setup Nvidia Control Panel

Setting up the right options inside NVIDIA Control Panel is crucial to maximise your NVIDIA drivers and Graphics Card

Total Time: 25 minutes

3D Settings (Top)

graphical user interface, application

3D Settings (Mid)

graphical user interface, text, application

Ultra-low latency
Limit Max Framerate

3D Settings

graphical user interface, text, application

Prefer Maximum Performance

Resolution & Scaling

graphical user interface

Set the option to “No Scaling”.
From the drop-down make sure to select your main monitor.
Make sure you have the resolution set to your native resolution for your monitor.
Check the option to “Override game-specific” to force these options in all applications.
Additional layers of graphics will add input lag from your monitor


graphical user interface, text, application, email

Set your Nvidia graphics card as the PhysX compute device.
(While PhysX is rarely used today, your GPU is vastly superior to your CPU for these tasks.

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