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'Nvidia Reflex' is a set of technologies developed by Nvidia, a leading American multinational technology company, which aims to reduce and measure system latency in video games. System latency, also known as end-to-end latency, is the total amount of time it takes for a user's input or action (for example, clicking a mouse or pressing a key) to result in an on-screen response. Nvidia Reflex is a revolutionary technology that ensures a smoother and more responsive gaming experience by minimizing the system latency.

Nvidia Reflex is designed to help both competitive and casual gamers enhance their gameplay experience. In competitive gaming, having lower latency can provide a significant edge over opponents. This is because a lower system latency means an action is presented on screen faster, giving the gamer more time to respond to an event or situation in the game. Thus, Nvidia Reflex reduces the time between a gamer clicking their mouse and the resulting action appearing on their screen, allowing for a more reactive and immersive gaming experience.

Nvidia Reflex comes with additional features like the Reflex Latency Analyzer and the Nvidia Reflex SDK. The Reflex Latency Analyzer is a tool that accurately measures end-to-end system latency. This tool provides gamers with the capability to measure, with extreme precision, their mouse, PC, and display performance, helping them understand how their system is performing.

The Nvidia Reflex SDK, on the other hand, is a set of new APIs for game developers. These APIs allow developers to implement Reflex’s low latency mode in their games. Not only it helps to reduce rendering latency but also significantly cuts down on the time taken for peripheral inputs to be processed and reflected on the display. This component ultimately allows game developers to give gamers more control over their gaming experience.

Importantly, Nvidia Reflex is compatible with many of the latest Nvidia graphics cards, making its latency-reducing benefits available to a wide range of gamers.

In conclusion, Nvidia Reflex is a cutting-edge technology that prioritizes high-performance, low-latency gameplay, beneficial for both casual and competitive gamers. It effectively minimizes end-to-end system latency and offers precise measurement technology and developer-focused SDK, providing overall enhanced and more responsive gaming experience.