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Triple buffering

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Triple Buffering is a technology that takes advantage of graphics processing hardware to improve display performance. It's mainly used in gaming, animation, and other high-performance visual applications where it ensures a smoother display of motion.

Vsync (short for vertical synchronization) refers to the synchronization of the frame rate of a video game, or any other graphics producing application, with the refresh rate of the computer monitor. This synchronization is done to prevent screen tearing, an ugliness that can occur when the graphics application sends a new frame while the monitor is in the middle of drawing the current one.

The standard way to prevent screen tearing is to simply turn on Vsync, which makes the application pause after sending each frame until the monitor is ready to draw the next one. This method is effective, but in the case where the application occasionally takes longer to render a frame than the monitor takes to draw one, it can lead to stuttering, because the monitor has to wait for the next frame to start drawing again.

Triple buffering offers a solution to this problem. In this approach, the graphics application can send frames to two front buffers instead of one. While one front buffer is having its image shown on the screen, the application renders the next frame onto the other one. Once the monitor finishes with the current front buffer, it picks up the next one and the application starts rendering into a third, or "back", buffer. This way, if the application occasionally takes longer to render a frame than the monitor takes to refresh, the monitor can just continue with the next available frame without waiting.

Compared to the classic Vsync, Vsync triple buffering can provide a smoother gaming experience by minimizing screen tearing and reducing input lag. However, it also consumes more memory and can increase power consumption due to the higher work requirement. As such, whether or not to use it depends on the capabilities of the hardware and the needs of the specific gaming or graphical situation.

In summary, Triple Buffering is a high-performance visual technology, specifically beneficial for gaming and graphics intense applications, providing a smoother visual experience by preventing screen tearing and stuttering caused by mismatch of frame rates and monitor refresh rates.