NVCleanstall is a utility program designed to help users cleanly install and remove NVIDIA graphics drivers on their Windows systems. The program allows users to easily remove all traces of previously installed drivers, including any leftover files and registry entries, and perform a “clean” installation of new drivers. This can be useful for users who are experiencing issues with their graphics drivers, or who simply want to start fresh with a clean installation.

One of the key features of NVCleanstall is its ability to automatically detect and remove any remnants of old drivers that may still be present on the system. This includes files and registry entries that are not removed during the standard uninstall process, which can sometimes cause conflicts and issues when installing new drivers.

By using NVCleanstall to perform a clean install, users can avoid these potential problems and ensure that their graphics drivers are properly installed and functioning correctly.

NVCleanstall also offers a number of other useful features. The program allows users to customize their driver installation process by selecting specific components to install or exclude.

Nvcleaninstall Guide

What is NVCleanstall?

NVCleanstall is a software utility that enables the user to cleanly reinstall the NVIDIA drivers on their system.

This is useful if you are having issues with your current drivers, or if you want to install a fresh copy of the drivers with best performance.

Why use NVcleanstall?

NvCleanstall removes unnecessary bloat from NVIDIA’s GeForce Driver, and adds advanced tweaks for improved Input-lag.
Using optimized GPU drivers will not only limit the amount of telemetry sent back to Nvidia but will also remove the need to log in using an Nvidia account.

NVCleaninstall should be used after you have completely removed your old NVIDIA drivers using Display Driver Uninstaller for the best effect.

How to use NVCleanstall

nvidia drivers optimization guide

Check out our NVIDIA Drivers ultimate guide for more information on how to utilize this tool and get a more responsive gaming PC.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Download NVCleaninstall


Launch NVCleanstall

graphical user interface, text, application, email

Launch NVCleanstall and wait for the application to find the latest driver from NVIDIA.
Click Next to proceed to the next step
(Using optimized GPU drivers will not only limit the amount of telemetry sent back to NVIDIA but will also remove the need to create an account for future updates.)

Driver components

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Select only the essential components to install with the package.
Click Next, the application will now prepare the driver installation without unnecessary bloatware.
(Our recommendation is to select only the Display Driver unless you rely on ShadowPlay to record your gameplay.)

Installation tweaks

graphical user interface, text, application, email

Check all the boxes except “Add Hardware Support” (which is only for older laptops etc with limited driver support).
Click Next.
(“Disable NVIDIA HD Audio device sleep timer” will throw an error during installation due to the HDMI Audio driver not being installed – You can simply ignore this.)

Finish installation

graphical user interface, text

Wait for the installation to create a customized driver package based on your configuration. Once unpacked the NVIDIA drivers will install automatically.

Restart PC

Wait for the PC to restart and once you are back in windows you are ready to configure the NVIDIA Control Panel to further improve the gaming performance.


Overall, NVCleanstall is a simple and effective utility that can help users maintain their graphics drivers and ensure that they are working correctly. Whether you’re experiencing issues with your graphics drivers or simply want to start fresh with a clean install, NVCleanstall can be a valuable tool in your arsenal.

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