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HDR or High Dynamic Range is an imaging technique used to render greater brightness, color, and contrast ratio than standard dynamic range can achieve. It is a technology that enhances the details and quality of an image, usually taken from digital imaging or photography, to replicate or mimic the way that a human eye views the scene. HDR is often utilized in photography, videography, and gaming graphics to add more depth and realism to the image.

The word 'dynamic range' in HDR refers to the difference between the darkest and lightest tones in an image. High dynamic range means a greater range or spectrum of luminance or brightness levels in an image. It allows for capturing, displaying, or printing a more accurate rendition of what one can see in real life.

HDR technique allows for an increased range of color and brightness to be displayed, so viewers can see more details in the darkest and brightest parts of the image. This results in images with deeper and more distinct colors, better contrast, and more details. This especially stands out when images have extreme dark and light areas (like sunset scenes or indoor photos with sunlight streaming in through a window).

In photography, an HDR image is typically created by capturing and then combining several photographs, each with a different exposure range, in order to cover a wider dynamic range or spectrum of brightness. This HDR image-making technique brings out details in the highlights and shadows, which would not be possible with a single exposure shot.

In the context of video or TV, HDR technology leverages capabilities of modern display technologies to present viewers with more luminous highlights, darker blacks, and a broader color spectrum. For example, HDR-equipped televisions can display very specific, vivid hues of colors and fine gradations of shades, resulting in more life-like visuals.

HDR is not limited to visual technologies, but has also become prominent in the audio industry. HDR audio, generally referred to as High Definition audio, aims to enhance the listener's experience by focusing on creating more detailed, enriched, and realistic sound quality.

In summary, HDR, high dynamic range, is a technique used across various fields, mainly visual technologies and audio industries, to produce a higher level of color, brightness, contrast, and detail, ensuring an enriched and life-like user experience. It’s an instance where digital technology provides a closer replication to human visual and auditory perceptions.