Before you install new NVIDIA drivers it’s recommended to carefully remove the old ones, whether you are upgrading the graphics card or just updating to a newer version.

The official uninstallers from NVIDIA (and AMD) are notorious for leaving leftover files that may interfere with performance.

This guide focuses exclusively on NVIDIA graphics cards, for the time being, check out our PC guide for our hardware recommendations.

In this NVIDIA driver’s optimization guide you will learn the following.

  • What GPU driver optimization is
  • Why it’s important to optimize your GPU drivers
  • How to optimize your Graphics drivers

The Ultimate NVIDIA Drivers Guide

What are Nvidia drivers?

NVIDIA and AMD make drivers for their graphics cards containing software and instructions on how to run their hardware on a PC.
The Graphics card drivers contain optimizations and instructions for specific games.

Why are GPU drivers important?

Fresh drivers are released to increase the performance of new games and established titles alike.
Updates may also introduce features and bug fixes for existing drivers and will improve compatibility with newer games.
It’s recommended to use the latest version for the most up-to-date features (NVIDIA Reflex etc.)

(It May or may not be worth it to evaluate older drivers for specific competitive titles that have reached maturity.)

How to optimize your GPU drivers

To completely optimize your GPU and game graphics, you need to professionally install drivers.
Configure the drivers for improved performance, responsiveness, and limited Input-lag.
Follow the steps below to remove your current drivers.
Install the latest version without the unnecessary features that may interfere with your gameplay.

What is Anti-Aliasing

By understanding the benefits and drawbacks of anti-aliasing, it is possible to make informed decisions about when and how to use this technique.

Nvidia G-Sync Guide

Nvidia G-Sync is a technology developed by Nvidia that is designed to eliminate screen tearing and reduce input lag in gaming monitors.

Display Driver Uninstaller

Display Driver Uninstaller is a tool that is used to remove the drivers for graphics cards from a computer. This can be useful if there is a problem with the drivers, or if the user wants to install a new graphics card.


The installer has now installed the optimized NVIDIA drivers with the configuration we set above. This will limit the amount of additional bloatware and improve performance and lower network lag.

In conclusion, by following the tips in this article, you can optimize your Nvidia drivers for 2022. This will help improve your gaming experience and ensure that your hardware is running at its best. So, be sure to try out these tips and see how they work for you!

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